Manufacture LandsManufacture Lands

Manufacture Lands

We have manufacture lands in central Ukraine with total capacity 20000 MT per year. Over 100 bakes totally. We use the best wood for hardwood charcoal, such as hornbeam, beech and oak. All kinds of wood have FSC 100%. Charcoal made by pyrolise mehod, we can do it in DIN standart and DIN+ standart.

Main Packing CenterMain Packing Center

Main Packing Center

We have the biggest packing center in central Ukraine and we can pack any kind of packing, such as: paper bags, bigbags, PP bags. Our equipment can pack 2 trucks per day, every day. No problem with fraction sizes, standart or restaurant fraction.

Additional Packing CenterAdditional Packing Center

Additional Packing Center

The additional own packing center in West Ukraine help us to pack 5 trucks per day in big-bags or pp bags. we have not problem with packing accessories and custom. big warehouse save our charcoal for hot season when our customers need more charcoal